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New Venice Collection Spring | Summer 2016 the postmodern deconstruction of Venice applied to fashion. Plùs Que Ma Vìe, for upcoming Spring Summer 2016 season, departs from its native land, Venice.It creates a journey, a large poster that takes theme in its systematic evolution. Venice, by name and fact: Venice conceived as the centerpiece of an artistic improvisation which flows into the turgid world of fashion. Indeed, improvisation. The collection studies and takes form from a promiscuous, retelling, aseptic vacuum of what is Venice for Andrea Lazzari; a city with many dimensions, with a story made by art, architecture, smells, tastes, colors, all taken and reinterpreted as an Impressionist painting. The aim of this study about Venice is the need to distort schemes of a city like Venice, always the emblem of a defined and unique perspective. Fashion is always closer to every action and reaction, to every abstract and concrete object, so, Plùs Que Ma Vìe chose to analyze it, to undress it, to go over to live its subconscious. The end result is a complex and harmonic collection, which confuses different targets and ways by the unique spirit of the brand: the formal order. Venice has been studied from the point of view of architecture and urban planning, from an analysis of buildings and squares grilles and floorings. The result is a contrast of regular and irregular geometries and textures, a puzzle of shapes and off series colors, yet another surplus of emotions and hypnotic charges that only fashion can covey. The silhouettes study and analyze different worlds: a post-punk, contextualised to our time, our life and our dimension; a streetwear chic, tendentious, between informal and post modern and a revisited formal one. The color palette analyzes all grayscales and whites, decomposed into colorimetries of blue, red and yellow. The end result is a vortex of contrasts between lights and shadow, light and dark. The textures enhance the sense of belonging to the pure geometry in Venice; they act as details of clothing, as an inspiration for the formal development of the collection. There are relief print, which propose a contemporary vision of the lion of St. Mark, and prints mainly of belonging to Venice. The fabrics collection nourish and claim the brand identity: pure cottons merged into natural raw linen, technical fabrics, futuristic and waterproof blended with natural leathers and silk jersey. Plùs Que Ma Vìe decontextualizes a pre-existing world, deconstructs it, renews it, resettles it. P.q.m.v took Venice without flaunt, but subtly explaining it through the word dress. The interpretation is entirely subjective, and this is precisely the goal of the brand. enrich the viewer's emotions, make it a parallel journey to life.  
Oxymoron Collection Fall | Winter 15 | 16 * TREND & THEME Fall Winter 2015 | 2016 Hometown Hero & Underground Utopic Walker | Oxymoron * Blacks teamed with their stronger and brighter tones which become very Ironic, rich shades that taken on more commercial role and reflecter your good taste in this global connected Fashion World. Plùs Que Ma Vìe, for next season fall winter 2015/2016 , chose to study and analyze underground Man, open-minded to new directions and new messages to be transmitted. From here the study on Hometown Hero & Utopic Walker trends, a young man of strong ideologies, sometimes utopian about moral standards redefinition, human and ethical message of the society, at the same time characterized by considerable research on dress and details. A hero of contemporary street, strongly pro democratic thought but very whimsical, sophisticated and confident . The collection is characterized by a thoughtful study of form and color, which will be similar to the Underground universe: soft, dark but refined details. Here comes the hometown world: research on treatments of fabrics, embroidery, patches, contrasting colors and materials. Natural wool like cashmere and merino wool, natural leather, silk, cotton fabrics and knitted fabrics manufactured mostly selected to create this natural universe and dreamy at the same time, radical chic array but totally fashion in the message. Plùs Que Ma Vìe proposes the study of formal man redefined conceptual key and research, always offering a stereotype of contrasts and multiple views on life and society. The collection is committed to send a message to moral, ethical and social, thanks to the desired use of embroidery written, each containing a keyword on the client and observer must reflect final. Fashion has to be democratic but also elitist and that is the purpose of the collection:
Converting the Mass.  
Aquarium Collection Spring | Summer 2015 The Spring Summer 2015 collection by Plùs Que Ma Vìe is based on a symbolic and deep reflection on the theme of Aquarium. Aquarium intended as a multitude of lives that intersect and co-operate between them, as a universe of colors from which to take the inspiration to represent its carnal continuity. It starts from the sea colors, by a careful selection of photographs from which to draw and define pattern and prints which would fit to Fashion universe. Aquarium takes an aseptic value, new; it's not simple indigo, ultramarine blue, emerald green to give value to the theme, we wanted to go further. The colors were from cathartic projection to recreate a Future 3D imaginary: the marine aquarium as a projection for the human aquarium, the colors as symbolisms. Prints reflex with each other, Mood Underground, all assimilated with Plùs Que Ma Vìe style. It is to define a fresh and innovative collection, which is stripped of the original experimental elegance to draw more to Streetwear universe. The starting point is the research of new formal solutions, conceptually innovative but portable at the same time. The collection search to blend and informal world and more fresh as is that of the three-dimensional prints and all over with an experimental world, formal elegance; fabrics, in fact belong to the cotton spheres, to which they are opposed technical fabrics from sweatshirts and jackets. It remains a sartorial component that will support the ideal of clean, if they were contaminated by a strong colors. Aquarium will develop in different series: will alternate well-defined coats and jackets, with linen trousers or cotton trousers.   Labyrinth Collection Fall | Winter 14 | 15 Andrea Lazzari's collection for winter 2014 | 2015 is a dreamlike reaction about Labyrinth, in all its facets and connotations. Labyrinth as a negation of the restrictions and the closed-mindedness of contemporary society, fashion and stereotypes that are imposed on a daily basis. Labyrinth as escapism from the very concept of Labyrinth. as the liberation of the body by conjecture and restrictions, from fashion and by whom the fecund. In support of this thesis, so visionary body and matter to the subject, I decided to develop the collection around two worlds: the world of fine wool and package, which I contrasted the world of tartan with different designs and colors and prints that reflect the theme chosen. Will appear, so a constant contrast between wool and cottons from shirts, knitwear and woven between technicians, among the pure world of yarn-dyed wool and micro and macro tartan worked wool; as in a Labyrinth will occur several streets, all practicable but at the same time all at odds with each other.
This created a tangle of lines and abstract ways that identify a symbolic labyrinth in a constant contrast between classical ideal informal and conceptual; the ultimate goal is to to be able to send the customer an imaginary exit from the labyrinth of mind and dressed. The wearer will head to choose the right way to go to establish itself and to exit the hypothetical mental labyrinth. In support of the thesis and the theme, the collection features a radical and profound research on modeling of Heads; the aim is to set aside the classical and formal base and re-create a new stylish man's imagination, creativity and a strong personality. For this reason there will be conflicts not only between tissues (details in contrast) but especially between cuts and pìnces. Final imagination will be that of a man featuring, accomplished, whimsical and built; the chiefs must thus explain the artistic verve and elegance of those who decide to wear them. The collection "LABYRINTH" tries to create a new stereotype of men halfway between formal and informal learning, with silhouettes of conceptual and minimal at the same time, divided between high-end streetwear Classic tailoring and informal. The aim is to create new paths, new dimensions of the dress and fashion new geometries, new patterns, a new elegance. The Chiefs will be finished by Embroidering a live | ZIG ZAG LASCATO | or identifying logo embroidery | + |   Bauhaus Collection Fall|Winter 13 | 14 The new Bauhaus Fall Winter collection 2013 | 14 looks like a reinterpretation towards conceptual Bauhaus costume of '900, the inspiration touches and analyzes the elements of the theater of those years, redefining key fashion in all its aspects, radicalizing every element, renewing it. The key elements that coalesce and intersect between them are: | + policies | + cuts | + volumes | + no volumes | + properties | My reflection on the prominently geometric design of garments, the interaction between lines and curves, the structures and superstructures, led me to create a totally new fashion product, obviously far from the epitome of costume, actually imposing itself as true, real fashion. The concept is creating new hierarchies, a new, definitely progressive, style. The silhouettes are defined and structured, with shapes that move away from what is defined simple and minimal, although we can suggest an untamable blend of fashion and conceptual abstract, the ultimate goal is to make it wearable while using the main simple geometrical shapes and pull fabrics antithetical between them. The fabrics used are of two opposing categories, pure wool and cashmere to which it is opposed leather, thus accentuating the contrast between formal and informal learning that this collection offers.

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